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Moving Dashboards out of the 90’s PowerPoint Phase

How dashboards need to move away from the 3D, and flashy bells and whistles reminiscent of PowerPoint circa 1996 and toward a cleaner look focused on the thing that matters most, the data.


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New Concepts in BI


Data Presentation for the Blind

How do you make the power of visualizations accessible to the blind?


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Business Intelligence & Dashboard Fundamentals


Some Dashboard Lingo For Newbies

If you’re new to dashboards there may be a lot of jargon and acronyms that you’re not overly familiar with. This post will cover some of the most commonly used phrases, terms, and acronyms when it comes to dealing with dashboards.


Gauges: The black sheep of data visualization

Gauges are like the junk food of dashboards. Just as junk food has little nutritional value but contains too many calories, gauges don’t contain enough data for the space they occupy on a dashboard – little “nutritional” value and too many pixels.

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Business Performance Management


Four Pitfalls of Performance Management

An organization’s ability to reach new markets, recognize opportunities for product innovation, achieve sustained growth, and face the pulls and pressures of the market are dependent on its ability to execute strategy. Performance management is the process by which organizations measure and manage execution of this strategy.


The Challenge of Linking Performance and Incentives

Any incentive system requires a great deal of conscious thought and “scenario testing” before it is put into place, and should be subject to close review during and at the closing of the measurement period (e.g. fiscal year end). Unintended outcomes must be quickly identified and management must be prepared to go back to the drawing board to correct design errors. My bottom line on this: management will get the results for which it plans and controls.

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How to Use Business Intelligence to Measure Customer Loyalty

It’s a lot cheaper to retain existing customers than attract new ones. This article explains how you can measure and improve customer loyalty.


Environmental Friendly Business Intelligence

At the enterprise level, setting sustainability goals can be initially overwhelming. Organizations need to define their key top-level metrics such as energy, carbon usage, waste, greenhouse gas (GHG) information and other resource expenditures that are not identified or monitored on an ongoing basis. In addition, measuring pertinent usage and associating them with specific end products, equipment and processes can yield the insights needed to report on and drive down consumption.

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Thinking Outside the Mobile BI Box – A peek at Dundas Mobile

How Dundas is differentiating itself early in the Mobile BI sphere.


Data Visualization On Smart Phones

This article will discuss how to effectively visualize and navigate data on smart phones. The intended audiences of this piece are user interface designers and mobile software developers who are tasked with building a dashboard, report, or a data visualization solution for a mobile device in a business intelligence context.

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