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Moving Dashboards out of the 90’s PowerPoint Phase

How dashboards need to move away from the 3D, and flashy bells and whistles reminiscent of PowerPoint circa 1996 and toward a cleaner look focused on the thing that matters most, the data.


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New Concepts in BI


Data Presentation for the Blind

How do you make the power of visualizations accessible to the blind?


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Business Intelligence & Dashboard Fundamentals


Some Dashboard Lingo For Newbies

If you’re new to dashboards there may be a lot of jargon and acronyms that you’re not overly familiar with. This post will cover some of the most commonly used phrases, terms, and acronyms when it comes to dealing with dashboards.


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Business Performance Management


Four Pitfalls of Performance Management

An organization’s ability to reach new markets, recognize opportunities for product innovation, achieve sustained growth, and face the pulls and pressures of the market are dependent on its ability to execute strategy. Performance management is the process by which organizations measure and manage execution of this strategy.


Performance Management: Top 5 Tips for Managers and Employees

A well-designed performance management system, coupled with a strong managerial commitment and scrupulous attention to proper use, can be hugely beneficial to an organization. Whether your goal is to achieve corporate objectives or increase profitability, rewarding and motivating your work force is the best investment you can make.

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How to Use Business Intelligence to Measure Customer Loyalty

It’s a lot cheaper to retain existing customers than attract new ones. This article explains how you can measure and improve customer loyalty.


Dresner: Mobile Business Intelligence To Transform BI Industry

Can you feel it? Sense it? See it bursting over the proverbial horizon? We’re playing witness to great change. Fundamental; unstoppable change. The Business Intelligence (BI) industry is on the verge of transformation, and nothing will ever be the same again.

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Thinking Outside the Mobile BI Box – A peek at Dundas Mobile

How Dundas is differentiating itself early in the Mobile BI sphere.


Dundas Dashboard and MS PerformancePoint Comparison

In this product review, Teo compares Dundas Dashboard with Microsoft Performance Point, providing an in depth analysis on the two dashboard platforms.

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