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Corda Customer Success Story
Boise Inc.

by Shawn Dickerson, VP/Director, CordaWednesday, January 19, 2011

Producing Positive Asset and Business Performance

With five paper mills, five corrugated products plants, a corrugated sheet feeder, a corrugated sheet plant, two distribution facilities in operation, and over $2 billion in sales, Boise Inc. strives to drive profitable growth while balancing the need for sustainability with customer requirements, environmental perspectives, and returns to its investors. To help it meet those balanced goals, Boise Inc. takes advantage of Corda CenterView dashboards to increase overall manufacturing productivity at least 5 percent through improved asset and resource management, save an annual 520 man-hours through automation of data collection and reporting processes, improve overall decision making, and prevent $150,000 a year in infrastructure and resource costs.

Improved Performance, Lower Costs

Boise Inc. first started using Corda CenterView dashboards to measure performance metrics that would help it improve the overall productivity of its equipment and assets. Its performance metrics were based on three main components; asset availability, asset operating rate and the ability of the asset to produce a quality product. The challenge was that the data needed to measure all of those components came from a variety of different systems in a variety of different locations, which all needed to be aggregated and normalized.

“Right out of the box, Corda Centerview was able to receive data from all our different systems, aggregate that data, normalize it and present it in the graphical formats that we need,” says Monty Bryant, Maintenance Services Manager at Boise Inc.

One of Bryant’s main responsibilities is to promote best practices at Boise Inc. in terms of maintenance reliability and maintenance engineering. So, in addition to Corda CenterView’s ability to aggregate, normalize and present key data metrics from multiple systems, he recognized the value in the dashboards’ ability to address a variety of other challenges toward best practice development. With the dashboards’ success in addressing the needs of Boise’s overall equipment effectiveness process, the company immediately started using Corda CenterView for tracking and measuring performance metrics in other areas as well.

In expanding Corda CenterView usage, the next project for Boise involved creating a production reporting dashboard that aggregated data from Boise’s five primary manufacturing locations into one view. “In the year since implementing our production reporting with the Corda dashboard, we’ve experienced at least a 5% increase in overall productivity at our manufacturing locations,” Bryant says. “Corda also saves Boise Inc. 520 man-hours a year by eliminating the need to dedicate someone to spend two hours every day to manually run multiple production reports from our different systems, collect production data from various e-mails and queries, dump and correlate that information into excel spreadsheet charts and graphs, and then upload them to our internal Web site.”

Better Business Intelligence Visibility and Decision Making

Boise Inc. believes its performance increases can be traced back to the visibility that the dashboard reporting tool gives its manufacturing operators and executives into its vital production metrics, including current performance, performance relative to budget, and historical trends. The dashboards also let operators and managers make comments and notes when performance is below budget or on decline, which helps executives better understand why performance is eroding and what can be done to bring it back in line.

“Our Corda production reporting dashboard keeps us all on the same page with better and up-to-date information so we can respond faster and more accurately to production concerns,” Bryant says. “By giving all our leadership the same information, presented in the same format and structure, they can digest it a lot easier and faster. That ultimately frees up more time in their day by eliminating the back and forth of phone calls, e-mails and other communication traffic. It allows them to understand what exactly is going on with a particular asset and what, if anything, needs to be done about it.”

Much of the power of Corda CenterView is its ability to give decision makers the information they need at a glance so they act faster with more accurate and current information. “Corda lets us customize the dashboards using the different elements to create the visual picture that our people need,” Bryant says. “That visual picture enables us to quickly understand how each asset is performing, which assets have issues, where those issues are, and where resources need to be focused.”

“Corda dashboards let us visually see ahead of time if our assets will meet their expected performance,” Bryant adds. “That ability to forecast an asset’s performance gives us time to change the way we operate that asset to meet the expectations for the month and it makes it easier to achieve our on-time delivery goals. We have a long history of better than 96 percent on-time deliveries, but with our Corda production dashboards we can now plan better and react faster with less energy and resource time when performance and delivery issues arise.”

Positive Business Impacts

In addition to the performance increases and resource savings, Boise Inc. really appreciates the fact that Corda doesn’t require any additional infrastructure to deliver those benefits. Overall, implementing Corda CenterView was fairly straightforward for Boise Inc. The paper manufacturer was able to install it on an existing server and it only took about two weeks to create and customize the dashboards they wanted and set them up to interact with all their distributed data systems. Corda CenterView was also able to use Boise’s existing Internet system to display and push the dashboard out to people without building an extensive data warehouse.

“Corda was able to collect data from our existing information systems and databases without requiring us to implement a comprehensive data warehouse,” Bryant says. “We didn’t want to have to create an additional maintenance and IT layer to support, so that was a big deal for us. Corda’s ability to simply tap into our existing data systems saved us about $150,000 a year in resource costs alone, that otherwise would have had to be invested in implementation, maintenance, management, backup, and troubleshooting.”

While Corda CenterView has delivered some very tangible benefits to Boise Inc., some of the most valuable benefits it has brought are a bit on the intangible side. “The visibility that the dashboards provide has greatly enhanced the expectation that everyone at Boise needs to operate at a particular level,” Bryant says. “When we commit to budgets or certain operating performance levels, it’s expected that we’ll deliver on those commitments. Corda has given more meaning to those expectations and commitments by making them more visible on a daily basis.”

“Unlike other dashboard tools, Corda CenterView moves you into the realm of displaying real business intelligence that can positively impact your business,” Bryant adds. “By making business intelligence more readily available, more visible, more user friendly and more interactive, Corda has enabled us to optimize our assets and impact how our people work, leading to greater overall performance. Corda has made it easier to report and display operating performance which helps us meet our budgets and objectives and keep our customers happy.”


Corda Data Visualizaion LogoCorda delivers enterprise dashboard and data visualization solutions that provide a strong ROI for many of the world’s largest organizations, by transforming complex data into intuitive dashboards that enable better, faster decisions. The company’s flagship product, Corda CenterView, rapidly connects to virtually any data source, and then enables businesses to visualize that data in real time in the most meaningful way – from a simple bar graph to a map of the production floor. Because Corda dashboards simply provide a window into each data source, instead of actually migrating the data, they can support thousands of active users without the performance limitations and security concerns associated with in-memory visualization solutions. With thousands of customers worldwide, and an expanding network of channel, system integrator and OEM partners, Corda provides software and services that deliver bottom-line results.

For more information, visit www.corda.com or call +1 (800) 968-3240.

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