It seems finding the best KPI is done by first taking a look at performance. If good then ask the CEO the secret then check the poor performers for a match. And take a look at the competition that is doing well to see what measures they focus on that work better.

If the performance is poor then alsdo armed with C levels comments, ask operations and see if you have a match.

In every case go ask the customers and see if you get a match there too. If not, advise your cleint that you have three standard KPI’s called "Consistency" "Teamwork" and "Focus" that actually always work.

As you well know, getting agreement internally on one or two key measures that give a business momentum to drive and sustain itself, make the best KPI’s. Getting that going takes work as you cut to the chase. And keeping it there it is not just about just making a dashboard. It needs much more to maintain it, with action and plan conversations to match.

And it will only work with timely consistent and reliable reporting so it becomes the language of success.

Stacey, I am always inspired reading your value packed posts.

Gordon Wood