The article touches upon a powerful idea of making BI pervasive and collaborative using Social Media Integration. Offering masses a platform to collaborate and discuss the BI content using Web 2.0 technologies will be a transformational leap in the evolution of BI. Business users can leverage this collaboration for discussion driven and thereby sharper decision making. Also, masses in the organization will get a sense of inclusivity while they contribute to discussions which were hitherto limited to the purview of senior management. With Social Media Integration making BI easy-to-use and self-service enabled, the traditionally poor pervasiveness levels of BI in organizations also are bound to rise. Higher adoption rates of BI will promote data driven decision making at all levels. And, with the clamor for Operational BI gaining momentum in the BI circles, taking BI to those involved in minute-to-minute decision making is going to become a necessity sooner than later.
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- Karan Chadha, Associate Consultant, Infosys Limited