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Business Intelligence Predictions for 2011
Part 2 of 2

by Steve BogdonFriday, January 28, 2011

With January designated as "New Business Intelligence Developments for 2011” month here at Dashboard Insight, we thought we'd take a look at what our industry experts are predicting for this upcoming year.  As a result we contacted a number of our writers, analysts, and regular contributors and asked them to give us a one-paragraph answer to the question:  "What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?"

Their answers are listed below in random order.  You'll note some get close to the line of "product promotion," but they don't cross it!
We've provided links to each author’s associated web site, please check them out! Also, if you would like to be included in future articles similar to this one please contact Dashboard Insight’s editor by clicking here.


What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?

Mobility is what people need and demand the most – access to information anywhere and instant gratification. New devices such as the iPad have changed the game for mobile business analytic applications through its larger screen size and the fact that it is portable, light and allows users to quickly access information all with the touch of a fingertip. Today more executives and managers are using mobile business applications to collect data or even add information to a plan or forecast while remoting into meetings or traveling. We see demand for mobile business analytic applications across multiple industries including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, state and local governments as well as service oriented businesses. For example, hotel managers who want to have more face time with important guests, but still maintain access to the information they need to efficiently run operations, have that luxury with these mobile applications.

There is also a trend to enable key features of the mobile device itself in analytic applications such as location awareness. For example, a police officer responding to a call within a given radius needs to understand the known criminal cases in that area to ensure they are properly prepared and aware of their surroundings e.g. they can instantly run reports to view previous cases. Beyond reporting and dashboard applications, we also see organizations repackaging analytic applications specifically for their consumers. For instance, the banking industry could enable consumers to download an application that automatically sends them a highly visual, interactive report outlining their investments.

Eric Yau


What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?

Collaborative Business Intelligence

The importance of Collaborative BI will continue to grow.

2011 will be the year where the trend of harnessing and applying features of social media to business analytics, to enable better collaborative decision-making (CDM) processes, will make its mark.

Organizations will continue to realize the value of CDM technology and its ability to improve collective decision-making via faster information sharing and collaboration.

Spiraling iPad popularity will shape Mobile Business Intelligence

Skyrocketing iPad sales are transforming the Mobile BI sector.

An increasingly tech savvy and geographically dispersed workforce will expect to be able to access their corporate data anywhere, anytime via mobile devices such as the iPad. Mobile BI will be another stepping stone in the march towards pervasive BI.

Location Intelligence

Demand for Location Intelligence has grown rapidly throughout 2010 and this will continue in 2011.

The ability to map, visualize and understand geographical data will become an increasingly important part of any BI solution. Why? Because more than 80 percent of the data collected by organizations has a spatial element and vendors are finally starting to offer integrated mapping with their BI platforms.

Glen Rabie


What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?

I think new deployments of tailored BI applications will continue to increase at a higher rate than traditional BI tools. That will help some organizations drive massive non-technical user adoption, and even push analytical capabilities out to suppliers, customers, and other external users. But these users are slow to trust information systems, and they don't forgive errors easily, so companies will really have to focus on real-time data and data quality.

Jake Freivald
Information Builders


What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?

I believe the prevailing BI market trend we are seeing as we move into 2011 is the “consumerization” of BI. Information workers do not live in the business world alone. They are also consumers — they have the ability to research, collaborate, analyze, and understand information outside their enterprise more easily and effectively than they can at work. They are increasingly bringing those expectations – and the tools they love – into the workplace. Their employers and the vendor community need to rethink how BI is delivered so that it is:

  • As easy, interactive and appealing as Google, Facebook and Angry Birds
  • Self-service, enabling end users to uncover new insights, associations, and ideas without relying on IT or power users each step of the way
  • Mobile, allowing users to gain insights and interact with information at their desk, on their smart phone in the airport and on their iPad on the shop floor

BI platforms still need to address core security, scalability and manageability issues—but as BI becomes more user-centric, it will have the potential to deliver on the original promise and become an indispensible business user application.

Jeff Boehm


What business intelligence trends do you predict for 2011?

Business intelligence has been in the process of metamorphosis for the last several years due to significant changes in technology (such as the advent of Web 2.0) as well as changes in user profiles and habits.  In fact the last 5 years has seen a kind of “business intelligence earthquake” in the market.  In-memory business intelligence has created a new BI era, with a “tsunami effect” that will become more dominant as we proceed into 2011.  Users are more independent and are looking for better performance and knowledge-centric, proactive platforms that offer high-speed analysis. Such platforms by default should provide advanced search, ready-to-go analytical solutions and advanced collaboration options that utilize powerful mobile interfaces, regardless of their deployments (e.g. in the cloud).  Simplicity is a given expectation, and business intelligence may for the first time be considered “user friendly”, rather than being a technology-oriented platform.  The term “business intelligence” could be referred to as “business information solutions”, reflecting the evolvement of BI in the time to come.

Muzaffer Yöntem
BI Technology


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