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Technology Performance Dashboard Example
Created by Dundas Data Visualization

by Martin Eising, http://www.dundas.comFriday, April 15, 2011

This performance dashboard example gauges how well several companies are performing. It shows financial and non-financial KPIs, and also displays company information and remarks made by fictitious dashboard end-users.

technology performance dashboard example
Click on dashboard for full interactive version

Annotations that allow for user communication (between each other) are also displayed.

Sample Key Performance Indicators:

  • Financial Metrics: Net Profit, Contribution Margin (%), YOY Revenue Trend (%). Note that all KPIs are for the specified year
  • Non-Financial Metrics: Service Quality Index, % of Contracts Renewed, Professional Services Engagements. Note that all KPIs are for the specified year

Type of Dashboard Interactivity:

  • Tooltips show extra information, depending on what the mouse cursor is placed over
  • Hover-over previews show additional, relevant information using various charts
  • Users can change the year for which KPIs are being displayed
  • Sample annotations have been inserted into the dashboard in strategic locations

This performance dashboard example was created using Dundas Dashboard, a powerful and versatile dashboard software platform offered by Dundas Data Visualization.  If you would like further information on Dundas Dashboard or how Dundas can help you with your dashboard project please visit their website at www.dundas.com.

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