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e-cubix Executive Dashboard

by harneetpal Singh, Consultant, Value Chain SolutionsFriday, March 19, 2010

e-cubix delivers greater control of an organization performance with its powerful visualization of lagging as well as proactive leading performance indicators. This web based dashboard help users to visualize data in a meaningful way, find the root cause of the problem and take required actions in time.

e-cubix comes with configuration application which allows users to create ready to use dashboards in less than 2hrs.

e-cubix Executive Dashboard
click on image for full size version

e-cubix is a mix of technology and consulting services. Along with controls, e-cubix comes with more than 500 inbuilt commonly used KPIs across industries; making configuration process simpler & faster. User just have to follow 3 steps viz. select which KPI you wants to measure, how you want to see that KPI and define its data table. Oh!!!!   Your dashboard is ready. 

This screenshot represents dashboard for Supply Chain function. It shows various performance charts, some gauges, smileys and filters; giving the end-users the ultimate viewing & drill down flexibility.

e-cubix dashboard can be deployed on the web using any webserver. Dashboards can be created against SQL database. You can connect e-cubix with commonly used databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MYSQL, Access etc. using ETL tool or you can prepare the data in excel and use that file as input file for e-cubix. Using Admin control you can define user wise access for their own set of dashboards using roles and access privileges they have been assigned to. For more information visit www.ecubix.co.in

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