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Ogden, Utah’s Intelligence-Led Policing Dashboard

by Tom Link, Managing Director, SpatialKeyFriday, March 12, 2010

About Ogden, Utah Police Department

Police Chief Jon J. Greiner’s department collects a large amount of data about crime incidents each year, but lacked a way to quickly analyze for trends and patterns and share the information across the force. As a result, the Ogden Police Department adopted a powerful new crime-fighting partner: SpatialKey location intelligence software. SpatialKey takes Ogden’s crime data — such as incident type, location and time — and turns it into clear, up-to-date analytics and compelling interactive maps. This information helps the department identify crime patterns and deploys its resources most effectively.

SpatialKey's Ogden Utah's Intelligence-Led Policing Dashboard

To download a full case study, please visit: http://www.spatialkey.com/assets/casestudies/SK_Ogden_Utah_Police.pdf.

About SpatialKey

A product of Universal Mind, SpatialKey is a collaborative, easy-to-use location intelligence solution for decision makers. The Web-based application is deployed instantly, learned in minutes, managed without help from IT or other specialists, and is easily attainable with department-level funds.

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