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Dundas Dashboard
A Full Turnkey Dashboard Solution That's Easy To Use

by Alexander Chiang, www.dundas.comThursday, January 28, 2010

Dundas Data Visualization, a proud sponsor of Dashboard Insight, is delighted to be part of the "new dashboard products and technology" theme for January.  We're particularly excited about this topic because we’ve just launched Dundas Dashboard, a full turnkey solution you can start using now to build your own custom dashboards.  In addition, we’re moving ahead with the next generation of dashboard creation: powerful new features will be released in early 2010.

For those unfamiliar with Dundas Dashboard, let me give you a high-level tour of our feature-rich, dashboard framework.

Dundas Dashboard Website Performance Dashboard
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First off, Dundas Dashboard is a comprehensive platform for the rapid development of business dashboards (strategic, analytical and operational).  Leveraging powerful user interfaces and flexible integration capabilities, the product gives everyone in the dashboard-creation process all the technology they need to quickly design and build full dashboard systems as standalone business intelligence tools or integrate them into other applications. 

The word quickly is key.  Dundas firmly believes that reducing the time spent on developing and deploying dashboard systems saves everyone money, especially since Dundas Dashboard deployments can be measured in days (and even hours) vs. weeks.  The end result is that organizations get dashboards into users' hands faster and more cost effectively when compared with other solutions.

Dundas Dashboard Sonatica Demo Dashboard
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In addition to speed, Dundas's wide experience in building successful dashboards systems has given us insight into the best ways of producing dashboards.  The collaborative workflow of Dundas Dashboard assigns dashboard development tasks to specific job roles, ensuring expertise is applied at every turn and achieving maximum resource efficiency.  The roles and the process include:

  • Data preparation - via a database administrator, who prepares the underlying data used by a Dundas Dashboard KPIs.
  • KPI-definition process - via a business analyst, who defines KPIs for use in the Dundas Dashboard designer.
  • Dashboard design - via a business analyst, designer or any office-productivity software user, these are the people who design the layout of the dashboard, implement common dashboard interactivity and publish the dashboard to the dashboard viewer.

Customers who have recently worked with Dundas Dashboard tell us that no matter which role they play in the process, they particularly like the rich design and view experiences that occur throughout dashboard development.  Part of this comes from our intuitive design interfaces which include simple drag-and-drop functionality - features that provide a low learning curve and ultimately allow for easy corporate adoption of the product.

Furthermore, the use of Silverlight 3 technologies enabled us to build the easy-to-use dashboard designer, intuitive wizards and much more.  Silverlight also provides additional benefits, including easy maintainability (letting you easily upgrade to new versions) and enhanced client-side performance (which reduces server load and assists with data computations).

Dundas Dashboard IT Operations Dashboard
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To conclude, Dundas Dashboard can boast other highlights of particular interest to Dashboard Insight readers.  We know that many dashboard projects will form part of a larger system and need to be integrated and customized to achieve corporate goals.  To address these requirements, Dundas Dashboard lets you easily integrate your data, create your dashboards, apply your custom requirements (custom interactions, styling and layouts) and then seamlessly integrate it all into your web projects or corporate portal.

We consider Dundas Dashboard to be the evolution of dashboarding, providing organizations with a flexible, turnkey solution - one that is easy to use, adaptable and leverages the latest technology -  to help make better and faster business decisions via digital dashboards. For more information please visit Dundas Data Visualization.

You should know that Dundas has been helping businesses understand their critical corporate data for many years.  As developers of industry-leading data visualization and BI technologies since 2002, the company created a full portfolio of award-winning dashboard components for a range of development technologies.  A few years later, Dundas Consulting was launched, a wholly owned subsidiary tasked with creating sophisticated digital dashboard solutions for clients.  Dundas Dashboard is a perfect marriage of the company's component experience and dashboard design expertise!

About the Author

Alexander Chiang is Dundas's Vice President of Product Management.  He formerly led the Dundas Consulting Group, where he advised a variety of Fortune 100 companies on the technology platforms and tools that best fit their dashboard requirements.  His many years of user interface design and his expertise in data visualization techniques have enabled him to facilitate effective software solutions for the broader BI community.

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